Solo performance by Vittoria De Ferrari Sapetto 
Duration 10 min. repeatable 


How woman’s body can be seen in different ways...?
What is the meaning of one self under the clothes that we wear....? a human body, an object of desire, a soul, a machine, a personality?
Does Religion create differences and/or separation in human beings? 

Texte and Description 

In an intimate private space a single woman guides the audience to a simple game that must lead to a shift of prejudice of our cultural knowledge. A certain transformation of a circumstance is the main goal of the performance in order to let the the public become the protagonist! 

The close encounter with a certain image of a female, the experience of being together in a small space, the meaning of paying something in the show to receive something else switches into a more individual point of perspective that makes people reflect about the condition of woman in all circumstances, in all societies. 

A human body has a value as well as money has a value, religion has its value but who decides what the value is? 

Before entering in the performative space the pubblic will be invited to draw out a piece of paper where is going to be written a number. During the performance the odiens will be able to recognize their number written in the body of the dancer-performer.When the pubblic goes out they will be ask to answer a simple question: does each person from the odiens can describe exactly where is,in the body of the dancer, the number that they draw out? If the pubblic is able to answer correctly then each person will win 1 or 2 euros as an exchange. This is a symbolic ammount of money to reward the attention of each person that focus into the number previously drawn out instead of the naked woman body. 









Needs : 

A small and intimate space is what works the best ,with walls around and one only entry is the ideal situation.
We don’t have special lights but we definitely need a good general cold light in order to see properly the skin. 

The best is to have an even an smooth floor like the dance floor but it can be adapted also to marble,wooden floor,tiles,mortex...
One small table with some light for my Colligue to reception the odiens before entering in the intimate room. 

Possibility of having music inside the room. 

Premiere in november 2014. Festival "Private Shelther" Oostende, BE